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Ranger Guard – 409 District

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Ranger Guard - 409 District


11645 Beachside
Galveston TX 77554
United States


+1 409-683-9955

Ranger Guard is a Galveston Island-based agency. We understand the importance of sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients to ensure their safety. Ranger Guard uses digital technology for monitoring accountability, patrol activity, and providing clients with detailed information about their facility. Clients can receive reports about guard activity and incident management daily, weekly, or instantly.
You can be certain that you will receive expert and professional services to ensure your safety and success. When it comes to our security approaches that deliver, reinforcement is a much stronger and effective approach.




Client Reviews

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Hans Weber

Galveston Security Guard

We had them for our plaza after we faced homeless & graffiti problems. The guards are highly trained with equipped belts, we saw alot of supervisors doing insite training for them,, very satisfied and many thanks for the dispatch team

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Betty S

Security Guard

Hiring these incredible people for an event was hands down the best decision I ever made. There were so many people yet they made sure everything ran smoothly! At first I was worried because there was alcohol being served and I was afraid of people getting out of line. Yet, with their service I realized everything was running perfectly and I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Will be looking to hire again for upcoming events. Great people! Great service! Definitely recommended! 10/10!

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Gloria Pombo-Canals

Security Company

Ranger Guard has been the security service at our property for the past 2 years. Ranger Guard has provided the highest level of protection for the property. The employees of Ranger Guard do a very good job.

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Alex Fox

Galveston Security

The Ranger Guard worked out beautifully! They were extremely professional; courteous, but firm. This is a small town where a lot of locals are used to getting special treatment. Having professionals at the barricades finally put a stop to that nonsense. Your crew dealt with a lot of people but I did not receive a single complaint. The Mayor and I are extremely pleased with the services rendered and plan to bring you back for next year’s event.

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Sanjoli Arinson

security service

Ranger Guard has supplied exemplary security service at the highest level. We have also utilized their professional security training with great results for our entire staff. I am sure this business relationship will last a very long

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Becca Daniels


Everything was great. Your guys did an excellent job. It was very cold on Saturday night, so they must have been real troopers! No complaints.

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Roxanne Bell


Great guys to deal with Reliable on time and we’ll priced for any type of security. Have been dealing with Ranger Guard for a long time and they only get better. Thanks again!

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Leona Rodriguez

professional security

The communication from the principle was professional and proactive.

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Deborah Schmidt

recommended guard service

We have worked with Ranger Guard since our doors opened and they do an excellent job! When we needed to take our security to the next level we were able to get the most professional and competent former law enforcement agents. We highly recommend their services.

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Sadie Peterson

security business

Ranger Guard is an incredible business that provides outstanding support and protection. Thank you Jonah and the team!

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Stephanie Owens

affordable security guards

Our group felt very safe and secure with these people. They are very professional and know how to get the job done.

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Trisha Kennedy

best security company

When was the last time you thanked an AWESOME security company? If not every, lets take minute to thank Ranger Guard for a job well done. I am proud to say that Ranger Guard offers the best services around. The owners consistently reach out to us to make sure we are happy and satisfied! Because of their services, we received a 30% increase in occupancy. WOW!

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Joseph Porter

recommended security company

It was a pleasure using Ranger Guard for mobile patrols at our three factory locations; their costs are affordable, and their services far exceeded our expectations. Ranger

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Eunice Mills

guards near me

Everyone that I have spoken with and the two associates that were in my home has been more than I could ask for. I have tried other security and this is the best. Poor customer service is so common now. It is always a pleasure when you encounter good customer service. That goes a long way. Thanks!

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Myra Lee

security guards

We are a Christian organization and we hire Ranger Guard Security on a weekly basis. The security guards are always professionally dressed and behave in a professional manner. They are always trying to help above and beyond their call of duty. Their quotes are very reasonable, so we are getting a better service at a lower price.

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Christian Campbell

event security guards

They worked a large event and exceeded my expectations. They were organized and made the process extremely simple. Everything went smooth and we had no issues. Definitely recommend them!

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Adrienne Stephens

school security company

I have several business that require 24/7 security, but I am constantly away and cannot manage this myself or spend the time on the phone trying to book with old school security companies. Ranger Guard has made me so much more efficient. All I do is book on the app, set it and forget it. Their guards are all background checked and most have served our country in the past (one guard I booked was formerly in the marines). Reliable and trustworthy. Highly recommend.

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Jeff Bryant

complex security

We have used Ranger Guard for many of our offices security for years and have been very happy with them. If we ever have an issue, they are always quick to respond and fix the issue. They are professional and courteous, and very knowledgeable in many different areas. I would always recommend them to any of our clients or friends. Keep up the Great Work Ranger Guard!

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Raymond Harrison

guards for hire

I worked for Ranger from February 15 to December 18th 2019. I enjoyed the company. I got paid well and on time. The work was good till the end! I would recommend Ranger to other security officers.

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Leigh Jones

24/7 security guard


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